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Episode 69 - Marshall Fogel!

Rundown -


Marshall Fogel in Craig's Lawyer's Lounge - 07:04


Dave Gunders - 01:37:31


Craig analyzes Steve Pankey cross examination by DA Michael Rourke - 01:49:02


Maurice Rose ceremony at Capitol - 02:15:53


This self-described tough Denver Jew describes his lovely upbringing on Denver’s Eastside. Learn how he became a sports collectible legend, and friend of Mickey Mantle. Marshall’s been a tremendous prosecutor, trial attorney, and businessman.


Marshall Fogel had a curiosity about legendary Denver hero, Major General Maurice Rose, son of a Denver Rabbi. For many years now, Marshall has researched and written about Rose and his legacy. Learn all about Rose’s heroism in WWI and WWII and why Colorado is honoring him with a statue at OUR state Capitol.


Dave Gunders is our Troubadour, and he delivers big-time on his birthday with his song titled Safe Haven. We have a birthday party with plenty of presents and a good discussion about the sunshine in almost all Dave Gunders’ songs.


Jonelle Matthews was kidnapped and murdered on December 20, 1984 in Greeley Colorado. Stephen Pankey was put on trial for that first-degree murder this month, but the jury could not reach a verdict. Show analyzes why no conviction, with close attention to the cross-examination of the defendant by elected DA Michael Rourke. We’ve got the sound.


Episode 68 - Aya Gruber, Nicki’s Latest Song, and Craig accepts Dan Caplis Show challenge to debate Jenna Ellis

Rundown - 


Dave Gunders - 09:01


Aya Gruber in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 25:50


Craig accepts Dan Caplis Show challenge to debate Jenna Ellis - 02:07:44


Our show Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers big time with his enigmatic love song about the long-haul ups and downs of romance.Nicki’s Latest Song portends trouble.


CU Law Professor Gruber teaches Criminal Procedure and sentencing pendulums which may have swung too severe in response to feminism and the #MeToo movement. Her book, titled The Feminist War on Crime: The Unexpected Role of Women's Liberation in Mass Incarceration, is thoroughly explored.


Professor Gruber has had a fascinating life as progeny of a Japanese American mother forced into an internment camp in Wyoming during WWII. Her father was a Brooklyn Jew named Dr. Samuel Gruber, aka The Shark Doc. Aya Gruber had a captivating upbringing in Miami, FL and legal education at Harvard.


Earlier this month, a challenge was issued to debate Jenna Ellis for charity on The Dan Caplis Show. Craig Silverman was put forth as the debate opponent. Listen to the offer, and acceptance of this wonderful opportunity, to expose Trump’s Big Lie. Let’s hope it happens.


Award given out for First Worst Trump sycophancy in a tough October competition between Professors John Eastman, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Tom Cotton, and Senator Charles Grassley. This show realizes that times change, but with love of country and logic, we will all keep going.


Episode 67 - Scott McInnis, Mike Landess, and Craig’s Colorado analysis of Trump’s Big Lie

Rundown - 


Scott McInnis - 19:37


Mike Landess - 01:28:19


Dave Gunders - 02:24:28


Craig’s Colorado analysis of Trump’s Big Lie - 02:37:06


This show is filled with soundbites, guests, and analysis exposing Colorado aspects of Trump’s Big Lie.  Former US Congressman Scott McInnis returns to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to describe in detail the damnable Dominion Voting Systems lies going on in Mesa County with Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters.


Current Mesa County Commissioner McInnis explains why Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters needed removal as Mesa County’s chief election official. Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold agreed. So did the Colorado Supreme Court which affirmed a Grand Junction District Court also ruling against Peters.


Objecting of course is Tina Peters and we hear her interview with Fox TV5 in Grand Junction. Also objecting is Conservative Daily podcaster Joe Oltmann -- and you will learn the Dominion component of Trump’s Big Lie spans both sides of Colorado‘s Continental Divide, with key parts involving Oltmann on Front Range and Peters on Western Slope.


Mike Landess is originally from, and of, Tyler, Texas where he’s returned as News Director of the University of Texas at Tyler's KVUT 99.7. Remember when Mike and Ed Sardella ruled the local airwaves on 9News back in the pre-cable days. Enjoy a lively and fun discussion of non-retirement, the relative merits of modern media, and the states of Colorado and Texas.


Our Troubadour Dave Gunders provides his usual wonderful song with Wings of a Rocket as his hero pursues lost love. A great dialogue regarding love songs, movies, Star Trek, and undiscovered genius follows. William Shatner’s rocket ride is also discussed and admired. We’ve got the remarkable sound of Shatner discussing his own non-retirement, and wise reaction to exhilarating space travel.


This show is dedicated to analyzing and undressing Trump’s Big Lie. Listen to the common themes of feigned security threats, real security concerns, civil war talk, and an analysis of what is going through minds of Trump and his election rigging liars. How many have sipped the Big Lie Kool-Aid and are too far gone?


We’ve got sound from Oltmann, Peters, and Jack Posobiec (an ADL accused bigot) hosted by Colorado Christian University this October. Posobiec is podcast pals of Stave Bannon and was introduced at CCU by Randy Corporon, a Colorado lawyer fully backing Oltmann, Posobiec, and Donald Trump’s Big Lie.  We’ve got that amazing sound.


Listen also to sound of Corporon performing for an audience of one (Trump) on LindellTV. Yes, that Mike Lindell, the demented and dangerous My Pillow guy pushing Trump’s Big Lie. Pity the rubes paying conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell for the destructive Big Lie Lindell now selling on LindellTV. Listen to Corporon go all in on Trump’s Big Lie, vouching for and parroting Oltmann. 


Episode 66 - Denver Courthouses

Rundown -


Jeff Pagliuca in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 06:20


Craig's Sound of the Week - 01:06:57


Heidi Beedle - 01:34:05


Dave Gunders - 03:03:28


Interesting events are happening at Denver courthouses now that society may be coming out of pandemic. Outstanding Denver attorney Jeff Pagliuca just won large 2.5-million-dollar verdict in Denver Federal Court with compelling bad police shooting civil case, Valdez v Motyka. Hear all about it in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge.


Next, we have sound of the week including defendant Joe Oltmann’s reaction to his hearing in Denver District Courtroom 409.  He and other defendants are trying to get Dominion Voting System’s Eric Coomer’s lawsuit dismissed. Wait till you hear what was said about Judge Moses.


Heidi Beedle has heard harsh words before. As a transexual reporter for the Colorado Springs Independent, she’s encountered Joe Oltmann and studied the moves he and his allies have been making to dominate large segments of Colorado’s GOP.


Troubadour Dave Gunders provides his intriguing song named Ruby in the Rough. Sometimes, you must dig deep to get the real story. Truths are coming out through the adversary process in Denver courthouses again. Let’s hope truth and justice prevail and our Rule of Law (and country) maintained.


Episode 65 - Sopranos Zydeco

Rundown -


Dave Gunders - 16:25


Steve Zansberg in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 49:14


Our Troubadour Dave Gunders and host love The Sopranos and give rave reviews to The Many Saints of Newark, the prequel to The Sopranos. Forget other reviewers and trust our judgment. And then love and dance to Dave Gunders’ fantastic original song,Playin’ that Zydeco.


Steve Zansberg excels in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge in wide-ranging interview focused first on climate change and then on courts, media, Kobe Bryant, Pamela Mackey, Lin Wood, Kyle Clark, Rush Limbaugh, Larry Ryckman and the excellence of The Colorado Sun.


At outset of show, host delivers a CORRECTION regarding description of Episode 64 (Colorado Insurrectionists) where it was written that Peter Boyles amplified and lionized Joe Oltmann on his Nov. 18 and 19 shows. The better word is legitimized, and Boyles’ obsequious interactions with Oltmann are played for your evaluation.


America’s rule of law and democracy are under threat so long as authoritarian Trumpism (with its constant hint of violence) survives. The matter has our full attention since the Big Lie leading to Jan. 6 flowed out of Colorado and Denver Trump Radio. Let the truth be told, as it is on this show. The Craig Silverman Show. Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. Colorado time.


Episodes 64 - Colorado Insurrectionists

Rundown - 


Quentin Young - 08:24


Ankush Khardori in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 01:25:08


Dave Gunders - 02:18:08


We ID Coloradans who’ve been big part of Big Lie & Jan 6 Trump Insurrection. #DenverTrumpRadio called out for its role, especially Peter Boyles & Randy Corporon, who amplified and lionized Joe Oltmann last November. Now, hear Boyles confess Denver Trump Radio’s bias, but he won’t call out Oltmann or Trump.


Show features two of America’s best writers re: Trump’s Insurrection. The boss/editor at Colorado Newsline is Quentin Young and he just wrote about Colorado’s Top Ten Most Dangerous Election Deniers. Young names lots of famous and not so famous people. How should Trumpsters be treated? Quentin Young’s got provocative answers.


Ankush Khardori is a brilliant lawyer, former SDNY prosecutor, and emerging national commentator. Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge features Khardori’s castigation of America’s AG in his column; Merrick Garland’ Excess of Moderation. What is the hold-up with holding people responsible for Trump’s sedition? We analyze.


Troubadour Dave Gunders just released his latest album/CD called Troubadour. Expect sales info soon. Listen to his wonderful song named Slow Down and great discussion throughout show about how much attention we should give this ongoing Trump Insurrection and GOP capitulation. This show is paying attention for you.


Episode 63 - George Brauchler

Rundown -


George Brauchler - 14:30


Craig Exposes Joe Oltmann - 01:51:01


Michael Bailey - 02:27:26


Dave Gunders - 02:45:42


Episode 63 features ex-18th JD DA George Brauchler’s 12th visit to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. This 90-minute talk is wide-ranging. These names come up: Donald Trump, Joe Oltmann, Randy Corporon, Lauren Boebert, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper, & late Bob Enyart.


Brauchler prosecuted and convicted Enyart for Child Abuse decades ago in Jeffco. Host recounts his own Bob Enyart experiences. Christian clergyman Enyart was outspokenly non-vaccinated and recently passed away from Covid. These two veteran lawyers also discuss crime, January 6, and dangers to democracy.


Show then exposes how Joe Oltmann fed big lies about Eric Coomer and Dominion through Corporon and Peter Boyles on 710KNUS. Soon, others including Trump followed. No wonder so many GOP and right-wingers believe the Big Lie. Listen to timeline and how Big Lie got launched in Colorado.


Michael Bailey, end-of-life planning attorney extraordinaire, returns for 8th time to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge which has been open now for seven years. Did you know people set up trusts for their pets? Trust us. They do. Boys also talk about BYU. And CU too.


Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers wonderful song named Just Try Me, along with a delightful discussion of Red Rocks, patience, and perseverance. Great conversation follows about collegiality that prevails in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge and how you rarely convince people with an angry approach.


Episode 62 - Morphew Rulings!

Rundown -


Carol McKinley - 04:23 


Mario Nicolais in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 28:41


Dave Gunders - 01:39:47


Ace reporter Carol McKinley gives us great information from Salida where she witnessed rulings in Colorado v Barry Morphew. Superb analysis follows on this fascinating Colorado murder case. Craig correctly anticipated Judge Murphy’s rulings.


More Barry Morphew conversation in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge with attorney and Colorado Sun columnist Mario Nicolais. It is a wide-ranging exciting conversation about Heidi Ganahl, George Brauchler, Donald Trump, and the “traditional Jewish marriage” of Governor Jared Polis and Marlon Reis. Imminent death of democracy is number one topic.


Show ends with beautiful song from our Troubadour Dave Gunders titled “I Give Thanks.” But who is the “You” being thanked? As in Morphew, different conclusions are possible. It’s for you to determine. Boys reminisce about High Holidays and Days of Awe culminating in Yom Kippur; and try to figure out Morphew and current events.


Episode 61 - Barry Morphew - 2 (Review & Preview)

Rundown -


Mike King - 06:36


Josh Maximon in Craig's Lawyer's Lounge - 01:05:14


Morphew Soundbites - 01:43:01


Dave Gunders - 02:18:01


Chaffee County District Court Judge Patrick Murphy will decide this week whether there is probable cause to believe Barry Morphew deliberately murdered Suzanne Morphew and whether Morphew can still be held without bail.


11th Judicial District Attorney Linda Stanley is Barry Morphew’s prosecutor, and she’s convinced he’s guilty. Linda Stanley, a former police officer, is a regular guest of Mike King on King’s hit podcast Profiling Evil. Investigator King worked law enforcement in Utah and joins us to discuss this fascinating Morphew matter.


Josh Maximon returns to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to discuss his record-setting civil verdict for 52.5 million dollars in case of Denver bicyclist Gary Suydam. Josh knows well Dru Nielsen and Iris Eytan, Barry Morphew’s star attorneys, and he explains why they are regarded so highly. We also update our search for justice in the murder of Bella Thallas.


Troubadour Dave Gunders delights during these Days of Awe with his song titled, Easier Said Than Done, which addresses our fraught times. We contemplate which Jewish holidays on the calendar are most important as we commemorate 9/11 and march on toward Yom Kippur.  


Episode 60 - Abortion Madness!

Rundown -


Vicki Cowart - 04:20


Rep. Steven Woodrow in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 34:37


Dave Gunders - 01:22:04


People are mad now. And with good reason. These have been terrible weeks for female autonomy given events in Afghanistan and Texas.  Vicki Cowart, CEO of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood discusses her abortion havens in CO and NM for impregnated women of Texas.  Tribute paid to late great CO Gov. Dick Lamm.



The politics of current events are analyzed with precision in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge by CO State Rep. Steven Woodrow who advocates a Texas boycott. The ongoing Big Lie and outrageous obstructions by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are dissected as well as GOP chances in Colorado and America.



Troubadour Dave Gunders takes blame for all things going on wrong in the world and offers us his solace with his song titled Temporary Love, This Texas law won’t last long but the damage done along the way will be immense and intense. We cover it all Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. Colorado time.

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