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Episode 116 - Southeast Denver Dudes featuring Joe O’Dea and Dave Flomberg

Rundown -


Joe O'Dea - 11:30


Dave Flomberg - 35:39


Troubadour Dave Gunders - 02:12:19


"Sorry Isn't Good Enough" by Dave Gunders - 02:37:52


US Senate candidate Joe O’Dea is welcomed back to make strong points about Colorado's crime and fentanyl problems. He calls out Sen. Bennet for unwillingness to debate, except late, with Kyle Clark. Joe claims Kyle Clark is on Dems’ side.


Joe O’Dea grew up on the southeast side of Denver where he and host had common hangouts like Piccolo’s. O’Dea stands up to GOP and MAGA on abortion, Big Lie, and bigotry. Hear out his case against Biden and Bennet.


Dave Flomberg is another fascinating southeast Denver original. Nightside columnist for many years for the late great Rocky Mountain News, Flomberg now writes columns opposing bigotry for the Colorado Times Recorder.


Birther Peter Boyles’ bigotries have been well-chronicled and are discussed during review of the explosive Judith Berg (Episode 101) accusation that Boyles called her a “k*ke.” Truths about Alan Berg’s true friends revealed in Episodes 70 and 81.


Flomberg is accomplished trombonist who has encyclopedic knowledge of threats posed by anti-Semitism and Boyles-types who even want to twist up such descriptors. Let’s call them out as Jew haters - jackasses like Father Coughlin, Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh.


We’ve seen “America First” before with those bigots. Flomberg and the host say they will keep calling out bigotry. So will our show Troubadour Dave Gunders whose beloved Dad escaped the Nazis.


As we contemplate the Days of Awe between Rosh Hashanah 5783 and Yom Kippur this week, we reflect on the qualities that can bode well for our futures; repentance, prayer and charity. Should apologies always be accepted? Contemplate that while listening to the sensational song “Sorry Isn’t Good Enough” by Dave Gunders.


Episode 115 - Jake Pucci — Denver Colorado hero — more truth about the AK-47

Rundown - 


Jake Pucci - 13:47


Craig Reviews Dan Politica Deposition - 53:17


Alby Segall - 01:26:49


Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:54:26


"Falling Rain" by Dave Gunders - 01:59:47


Jake Pucci is a Denver Colorado hero. His brave actions on June 10, 2020 saved the life of Darian Simon. Sadly, Isabella Thallas was murdered that day by Michael Close, the gunman convicted this week of her first degree murder, and the attempted fitst degree murder of Bella’s boyfriend.


In the densely urbanized downtown Denver Ballpark neighborhood, shots rang out shortly before noon that awful day and instantly killed Isabella (Bella) Thallas. Bella and her boyfriend Darian had been walking their dog, Rocco, on a hot summer day during Denver's pandemic lockdown.


Jake Pucci was on the phone with his Dad when he heard the shots and sprang into action. Jake Pucci had EMT training and from five floors above, he ran to save Darian if he could. And he did! Save a life and you save the whole world. Thank goodness Jake Pucci saved Darian Simon.


Responding police and paramedics stayed back for fear of this active shooter. Darian would have bled out but for the tourniquet that Jake Pucci applied to Darian’s femoral artery as blood gushed. Other bullet holes needed pressure and Jake Pucci got the job done. Heroes save lives. Fear be damned.


Hear Jake Pucci and try to determine why he rushed in when few others would do so. There are good people in Denver, Colorado, but we cannot tolerate these kinds of crimes. Young Mr. Pucci, himself a gun owner, wisely excoriates the presence of assault weapons in Denver Colorado.


Listen to Jake Pucci and try to determine why he rushed in when few others would do so. There are good people in Denver, Colorado, but we cannot tolerate these kinds of crimes. Young Mr. Pucci, himself a gun owner, wisely excoriates the presence of assault weapons in Denver Colorado.


Find out from Jake Pucci what it’s like to be a witness in a big Denver murder trial. Michael Close’s guilt has been obvious from day one, but the prosecution still had to prove it. That happened in rapid time in Denver District Courtroom 5E, a trial attended by Craig Silverman, as counsel for Darian Simon.


This murder case contained drama aplenty but not insofar as the guilt of shooter who had no defense for his indefensible violence striking down an amazing Colorado couple. Darian Simon is special, as you'll hear from Jake Pucci who has fortunately gotten to know the man he saved.


Dan Politica was not a hero here. It was his AK-47 used to kill Bella and grievously wound Darian. Defendant was a tight friend with DPD Sgt. Dan Politica at the time of this crime. Hear the sworn deposition testimony of Politica explaining how the AK-47 was stolen. And evaluate.


Homeowners insurance for Politica's Arvada home paid for the negligently stored stored weapon allegedly "stolen" by the shooter. Guilty verdicts and insurance funds collected bring no justice. Bella is gone. Darian has been damaged. So has Denver, Colorado. We cant' stand this.


The late broadcaster Alan Berg was murdered by an assault weapon welded by bigoted man who decided to kill a prominent Jew on June 18, 1984. On October 8, 2022, the late Alan Berg will be installed in the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame. This show has covered the death of Alan Berg and who was his friend. Hear Eps. 70, 77, and 101 featuring Judith Berg.


Alby Segall, Executive Director of the Denver Press Club, is a fascinating guest as he describes his background and the current situation at his historic workspace. The criteria for Hall of Fame induction are reviewed. Memories of listening to Alan Berg are shared and the ripples it sent through the Jewish world because of this anti-Semitic hate crime.


Dave Gunders makes his solid contribution with Falling Rain, the perfect song to accompany the sadness that was the murder of Isabella Thallas. Rain refreshes though and Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner. Enjoy this solemn reflective High Holiday treat from our Troubadour.


Episode 114 - Amber McReynolds

Rundown -


Amber McReynolds - 15:25


Right Wing Media Watch - 02:02:05


Troubadour Dave Gunders - 02:26:02


"Crazy for You" by Dave Gunders - 02:31:59


U.S. Postal Service Governor Amber McReynolds is a foremost expert on democracy. She has studied election systems throughout the world and implemented tremendous electoral reforms in Denver. Her systems were so good that Colorado followed suit.


White male Christian Republicans do not like too many people voting. When too many people vote, Republicans lose in Colorado and they know that. MAGA world knows that too so we have Trump, Lindell, Peters, Boebert, Ellis and their enablers crying foul.


Colorado has gold standard voting because of the leadership of Amber McReynolds who served as Denver’s Director of Elections until 2018. This election administration expert favors mailed ballots that can be traced. Colorado’s voting process is time tested and safe.


Dominion Voting Systems was well known and respected by election pros. McReynolds responds to the bogus claims against Eric Coomer and this company once headquartered in Denver, and defamed by MAGA-world.


Amber is good friends with Adam Kinzinger who she met when they both were Illinois collegians. 9-11-01 separated them as did the wars that followed. Amber got her Masters at London School of Economics. Adam became a GOP Rep from Illinois. 


Democracy is at stake and Amber McReynolds refuses to stand by silently. Listen to her harsh response to Trump's big election lie which led to the January 6 insurrection. Election workers are under threat thanks to MAGA world and the refusal of most Republicans to condemn.


Watch Amber McReynolds’ viral Ted video on voting and you’ll see the brilliant woman who provides this entertaining podcast.  How can it be she’s not a regular guest when election integrity the issue, as opposed to Jenna Ellis types? 


The problem is the right wing media has become a megaphone for MAGA propaganda and dares not air the truth about air-tight elections which produced Joe Biden. Thank goodness President Biden saw fit to appoint Amber McReynolds, a political independent, to the USPS Board of Governors.


Meanwhile, Colorado’s most famous person in Congress, Lauren Boebert, embraces the Big Lie and Christian nationalism. That does not bother broadcaster Dan Caplis who disparaged the Denver Post’s big story (now on Drudge) explaining Boebert’s religiosity and how it impacts her politics, and our American democracy.


Not only does Dan Caplis cheerlead for Boebert, he engages in a laughter-filled conversation with her about how ridiculous these media allegations are. Similar laughter occurs as Caplis and GOP gubernatorial nominee Heidi Ganahl discuss whether Gov. Polis is a mega-wimp or a Karen. The homophobia is appalling.


The dangers of Christian nationalism in America are apparent and must be called out. #DenverTrumpRadio is dominated by this anti-gay Christian nationalism that is ruinous for democracy, Colorado and America. Our Right Wing Media Watch calls out Mike Lindell and the other grifters enabling 45’s Big Lie.


Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers his infectious song, Crazy for You, perfect for the MAGA-cult crowd as embodied by grifting Christian Mike Lindell. Current events like the tightening criminal case against 45 and his mobster mates are always good fodder for this podcast, which has the Colorado roots of the Big Lie covered.


Episode 113 - Hard Hitting Colorado

Rundown - 


Steve Busick - 06:37


Jordan Hedberg - 49:48


Troubadour Dave Gunders - 02:06:45


"Too Many Drivers" by Dave Gunders - 02:14:00


It is our Denver Broncos’ season. For pro football stars like Russell Wilson, Denver has become the place to play. Former Broncos’ linebacker Steve Busick, who won Rose Bowls and national championships at USC, joins our show to talk football.


As an LA kid growing up with a tough Marine dad and even tougher mother, Steve Busick describes life at USC including encounters with OJ Simpson, Marcus Allen, Ronnie Lott, and others. And wait till you hear of Steve’s encounter with Muhammad Ali at LA’s Wilshire Hotel.


Drafted in Dan Reeves’ first draft class, Steve Busick wore #58 playing alongside Bronco greats Bob Swenson, Tom Jackson, Randy Gradishar and Jim Ryan. The Broncos won big as John Elway hit his stride in the mid-1980’s. Steve Busick explains why he and other Broncos stay in Denver to raise their families.


Jordan Hedberg is a rural Coloradan. He’s a Westcliffe, Colorado dude which means he lives in remote Custer County. As a kid, Jordan Hedberg tells us he lived in Boulder and attended the same elementary school as Burke and JonBenet Ramsey. Not only that, they were friends.


Listen to Jordan Hedberg, publisher of the Wet Mountain Tribune, and you may want to visit Custer County. Or perhaps not. It is scenic but mega-MAGA. Jordan Hedberg tells us Linda Stanley won the 11th Judicial District DA job just by toting an AR-15. We discuss Stanley’s Barry Morphew murder case mistakes.


Jordan Hedberg’s newspaper has a rich history – delivering a piece of the Wet Mountain Valley since 1883 - and was recently featured on 9News. There’s a beef with the county commissioners and now, allegations of retaliation.


Dave Gunders gifts us with his blues song, Too Many Drivers and explains how it is about infidelity. This deep song gives many meanings to the word Drive, but since it is football season and we’re talking Broncos, remember in The Drive in Cleveland.  This hard hitting episode is fit for football season.


Episode 112 - Eli Bremer – Rock-Ribbed Republican rips Colorado GOP snake oil salesmen

Rundown - 


Troubadour Dave Gunders - 24:15


"This American Dream" by Dave Gunders - 33:20


Eli Bremer - 38:47


At Independence Hall in Philadelphia, President Joe Biden told the world what this podcast knows – Trump and MAGA threaten America. There are authoritarians among us who will do Trump’s dirty bidding. Some do it for money. Some do it for racism.


Peter Boyles is planning a return to radio. He’s taking @710KNUS spot at 9 a.m. Saturday mornings. In the opening monologue, Boyles’ return contemplated, with poached sponsors, host-ripping, and Trump backpedaling. Entertainment, intrigue and implosions to follow.


Boyles is a bigot who capitulated to Randy Corporon, as documented  on Ep. 48 and then Boyles flip-flopped, as chronicled on Ep. 81. On Ep. 101, Judith Berg told the world that Boyles called her the K-word in a dispute after bigots killed her former husband, Alan Berg.


It was Peter Boyles who hosted Joe Oltmann twice right after 2020 election to advance Trump’s Big Lie. His pal Randy Corporon helped orchestrate. Will Boyles have the guts to rip Joe Oltmann or will he avoid hot topics as other #DenverTrumpRadio hosts do? Eli Bremer pulls no punches on Corporon and Oltmann.


Want to grow to be a GOP stalwart? Start with a conservative Christian American family, move them to Colorado Springs, have the children homeschooled, listen to Limbaugh, and then attend the Air Force Academy. That is our esteemed guest, Eli Bremer.


This rock-ribbed Republican is an American Olympian and NBC sports commentator. Bremer is nephew of Ambassador Paul Bremer and also has a prominent attorney father. In 2022, Eli Bremer, a Colorado Springs resident, tried to win the GOP nomination for United States Senate but lost to Joe O’Dea. He also lost to GOP dirty tricks.


Bremer tells the inside story of Colorado state GOP politics. Find out what Ken Buck and Randy Corporon and their accomplices did to turn the Colorado GOP into a MAGA subsidiary, replete with conspiracy theories about rigged elections, as set forth by the likes of Corporon and Oltmann.


Listen to the entire Eli Bremer interview to hear full castigation of Colorado party politics, and leaders who’ve bought into the “election-rigging bullshit.” But then, listen to hear Eli Bremer discuss the responsibility of America’s 45th president. The discussion gets heated.


The dialogue with vacationing Troubadour Dave Gunders is always fun and entertaining, especially when he gets philosophical about traveling America. "This American Dream" by Dave Gunders is a haunting song of America, and an American man, in desperate times.


Episode 111 - COLFAX featuring Jonny Barber

Rundown - 


Jonny Barber - 05:25


"The Dirty 15" by Jonny Barber - 02:26:38


Troubadour Dave Gunders - 02:31:52


"Rather Be Right" by Dave Gunders - 02:44:16


Schuyler Colfax was a descendant of Revolutionary War heroes, and himself an American hero and abolitionist. A confidante of Abe Lincoln, Speaker of the House Colfax was sent to Colorado with Abe’s hopes Colorado would join the Union. Indeed, Colfax so impressed Denverites, they renamed Grand Avenue for him.


Jonny Barber came to Colorado via accomplished Mormon family lineage of California, Utah and Nevada fame. When Jonny came to Colorado, he fell in love with Colfax and the Lions Lair, where he performed as a musician, and watched others perform, up and down Colfax. Jonny’s performed at the Bluebird, Fillmore, the Satire Lounge, and Red Rocks.


Now, Jonny Barber is curator of the Colfax Museum, which has gone through many different incarnations, but has emerged spectacularly in the History Colorado museum in central Denver.


This is a special name-dropping episode recounting famous Colfax visitors such as Jack Kerouak, Bob Dylan, the Smothers Brothers, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Chief Jerry Kennedy, Bo Cottrell and the Lawmen, Frank Sinatra Jr., Walt Conley, Pope John Paul II, Sid King, Pete Contos, and Gene Amole.


There’s talk about famous restaurants, dive bars, entertainment venues, fishing ponds, basilicas, government buildings, mom and pop stores, porn shops, pot stores, liquor stores, meat markets, car dealerships and every possible den of iniquity dotting America’s longest commercial retail road. 


We talk about all things Colfax because Colfax represents life, Colorado, America, the good, the bad and the ugly. Colfax Avenue is US Highway 40, running straight from Atlantic City, through Strasburg, Aurora, Denver, Lakewood, Golden, and onto San Francisco. Main Street USA.


As Donald Trump is further revealed to be a traitorous criminal, the GOP still sticks with 45 like stinky poo on one’s shoe. As for our show Troubadour Dave Gunders, he’s not getting caught up believing anybody’s alternative facts, he’d rather be right, as proved by his anti-cult, anti-lie song, named Rather Be Right.


Episode 110 - Professor Albert Alschuler convicts Donald Trump of Insurrection

Rundown - 


Troubadour Dave Gunders - 06:00


"I'm So Shy" by The Skatterbrains - 26:17


Professor Albert Alschuler in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 31:15


Craig Presents Liz Cheney Concession Speech - 01:47:49


The most impactful and important instructor in host’s educational career was CU Law Criminal Law and Procedure Professor Albert Alschuler. A Harvard Law grad, Alschuler went on to become a renowned professor at University of Chicago Law.


In his first podcast ever, Professor Alschuler regales the audience with stories about his heritage, teaching law at Texas, CU, and Chicago. Learn about famous attorneys he’s encountered along the way, such as Scalia, Dershowitz, Kagan, Obama, etc.


This colorful criminal law professor has identified the perfect charge against Trump. Listen to why Insurrection a.k.a. Rebellion 18 U.S. Code § 2383 fits like a glove, and is ideal for securing J6 justice.


Merrick Garland seems shy about bringing charges and making public statements. Trump’s in criminal peril now for J6, Mar-a-Lago docs, GA crimes, and NY frauds. Perhaps Merrick Garland will throw the book at 45 in due time.


Troubadour Dave Gunders has perfect song named “I’m So Shy;” we now dedicate to America’s Attorney General. The Skaatterbrains made this Gunders’ composed classic back when host was finishing CU Law in Boulder.


Jenna Ellis tweeted this week how Rachel Maddow is unattractive, unlike her conservative female colleagues and her own “hot” self. LOL. We discuss. Jenna Ellis is going to Lindell’s weekend grifting election integrity symposium on her way to GA under subpoena. Jail to follow?


Episode 109 - Adam Frisch

Rundown - 


Adam Frisch - 05:48


Right Wing Media Watch - 01:35:44


Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:58:38


"Regrets" by Dave Gunders - 02:12:18


Hear it here first. Adam Frisch is going to beat Lauren Boebert this November. He’s strong and calm. She’s insecure and frantic. He’s got the smarts. She’s got a Twitter account dedicated to dividing people. On Nov. 8, votes will be divided between these two. He’ll win.


Lauren Boebert will lose as the walls come tumbling down around her hero, disgraced Dondald Trump, now suspected of espionage. CD3 is a largely rural district and Frisch has the winning message. Forget Trumpism. Boebert is just bad at her job, plus she’s pro-Putin.


Frisch will be an excellent Representative. Educated at CU in business and political science, he amassed wealth as a world-wide traveling financier, paid handsomely for his ability to get along with people. He had a Minnesota upbringing and loving parents. 


Frisch waited tables before making it big in NYC. Close brushes with East Coast terrorism, and the desire to raise his family in a better place, led Frisch back to Colorado. He served with distinction on Aspen’s City Council. He’s really Unaffiliated. Adam Frisch makes his strong case.


Right Wing Media Watch segment analyzes the Mar-a-Lago FBI search, and Trump’s invocation of the 5th hundreds of times at a sworn deposition. Analysis of the same events by Dan Caplis played, and analyzed. Talk radio without real conversations is horrible, and authoritarian.


Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers a great discussion of a recent Red Rocks experience and what song he might play there. His song of the week, Regrets, is perfect for DJT (and Red Rocks). Trump did it all for greed, as the song says.


Episode 108 - Jerry Bell

Rundown - 


Jerry Bell - 10:56


Troubadour Dave Gunders - 02:04:15


"Hard of Understanding" by Dave Gunders - 02:12:23


Jerry Bell has been the dominant radio news voice of Colorado since 1986. Before that, he worked in big-time San Francisco radio news as a young phenom. This was the early 1980s in SF and Jerry knew big shots like late Harvey Milk and his assassin, Dan White.


As a Bay Area boy, Jerry’s parents worried Jerry and his older brother would be sent to fight in Vietnam, so they moved to Canada. Soon, Jerry’s family returned to Santa Rosa. At San Francisco State, while studying journalism, he learned about radio. He was smitten.


Jerry Bell made a great career out of radio news. First, he was paid to witness San Francisco’s most decadent and deadly decade, learning the news-radio ropes, while watching the city become a wild place to live. Jerry brings alive the fun and energy of that transformative time in the City by the Bay.


Jerry Bell became a news-fixture at Colorado’s blowtorch AM station, 850 KOA where he’d stay several decades. Along the way, he’s held many titles at Colorado’s 50,000 watt Blowtorch of the Rockies, 850 KOA, and its sibling stations. Jerry describes and defines the golden age at KOA.


Jerry Bell was program director for Caplis and Silverman during its afternoon drive-time success. The downfall of talk radio with its partisan right wing rhetoric is reviewed. Jerry explains why he never let his personal politics show, or even come into play. Until this interview.


Here, Jerry Bell talks about politics. We talk about big Colorado politicos with a special discussion regarding the presidential prospects of Governor Jared Polis. Jerry is a natural for podcasting as he proves here with amazing stories about his life and heritage.


Our Troubadour Dave Gunders comes through again with brilliant discussion of current events and his poignant song titled Hard of Understanding. Hear epic lines about broadcast news, and trying to figure out where the truth lies. It’s all right here on Episode 108.


Episode 107 - Neon Denver featuring Dr. Nedra Downing and State Rep Steven Woodrow

Rundown - 


Intro with Troubadour Dave Gunders - 00:36


"One Stop Shop" by Dave Gunders - 16:51


Dr. Nedra Downing - 22:25


State Rep Steven Woodrow in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 01:02:58


The heart of Denver takes center stage as the host reminisces about his four decades working downtown and his recent move to start his new law firm in the heart of Greenwood Village. Reminiscences about ever-changing downtown Denver are fun, especially when the Troubadour played Josephina's in Larimer Square and Craig dined at The Delectable Egg.


Troubadour Dave Gunders, an accomplished businessman/musician with an MBA, provides his perspective on Craig’s opening a new One Stop Shop named Craig Silverman Law, LLC. Dave Gunders’ song, One Stop Shop, makes you want to dance. So does our discussion of DOJ v Trump grand jury.


Dr. Nedra Downing lost her beloved son Tom Hollar 7.23.93 just above downtown Denver in CapHill. Nedra talks about that Denver Summer of Violence, Denver, and her home in Michigan. We honor the memory of Tom Hollar who would’ve been 60 now. Tom loved Neon.


@WoodrowForCO is an outspoken and progressive native Michigander who starred in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge back on Episodes 37 and 60. This elected CO State Representative from South Denver Colorado is an outspoken critic of fascism and Trumpism. Listen to this up and coming Dem advocate for the prosecution of our defeated former president.


Steven Woodrow knows which political races mean the most in Colorado this year. Steve understands how the Rule of Law and democracy are at stake and argues a newly expanded US Supreme Court is necessary. The process and prospects of achieving that kind of change are discussed.


The Craig Silverman Show – every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time

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