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Episode 43 - True Space

True Space.


This show focused on truth and space.  Clayton Sandell, longtime ABC network correspondent based in Denver, tells us about his exciting world, and fascination with Star Wars. Professor Don Smith from Sturm College of Law enters Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to talk about German attorneys who facilitated Holocaust. And the lessons for our legal system now.


Trump’s Big Lie is ascendent with Republicans as Liz Cheney gets tossed to the GOP curb. 45’s threat to democracy persists.  Our Troubadour Dave Gunders has a spacy rock blues song perfect for this show titled Ain’t No Way You’re Coming Home. It is doubtful Liz Cheney ever returns to her GOP home.  It appears there too much truth and space that will keep them separate.  This is not her father’s Republican party?


Rundown - 

Clayton Sandell - 00:01:59

Dave Gunders - 01:02:00

Professor Don Smith in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge - 01:16:26


Episode 42 - Law Day

Law Day. Most things come down to the law as Chief Bill Willoughby explained to Mildred Hayes in the Academy Award-winning movie, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. This outstanding 2017 movie about dysfunctional cops and a racist community is a springboard for outstanding discussions with smart guests.


Troubadour Dave Gunders has a song titled Your Way Too which is all about seeing things from different perspectives. That is the heart of the Three Billboards movie and we discuss the story and why it is so powerful.


Lindasue Smollen is a veteran Boulder trial attorney who watched the movie and it sparked her to action. Lindasue bought two billboards advocating against assault weapons. What moved her? Sandy Hook. It should have moved everybody. Now the very danger Lindasue warned about has come to her hometown and she has reacted. Two more billboards. A great discussion ensues about bad police behavior videotaped in Loveland against a 73-year-old lady with dementia.


Want to look at things in a different and better way? See an eye doctor. For decades, Dr. Craig Farnsworth was a busy sports-loving Denver optometrist who was great at golf. Then he started working with Nuggets and other elite athletes. Next, Craig helped golfers like Nick Faldo win multiple Masters with his putting tips. Now, he just coached DJ and Hideki to winning Masters. 


This 42nd edition of The Craig Silverman Show may be its best. You decide. Every Saturday morning at nine a.m. Colorado time.


Rundown - 

Lindasue Smollen in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge - 00:03:08

Dave Gunders - 00:48:32

Dr. Craig Farnsworth - 01:05:16


Episode 41 - Medical Matters

Medical matters. Humans seek relief for every known malady. Some problems are serious -- others as trivial as boredom. We crave entertainment and information. Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal is a renowned MD and New York Times’ writer covering health care, climate change, China, and the world. Dr. Rosenthal worked as an emergency room physician before becoming a journalist and she is a fascinating guest.


Dr. Rosenthal is the author of “An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back” and editor-in-chief of Kaiser Health News. Most recently, she wrote powerfully following the massacre of the Boulder Ten with her Washington Post column titled, “I was a Teenage Gun Owner, then an ER Doctor. Assault-style Weapons make me Sick.”


Let’s never forget what happened in Boulder. Or Aurora. Or Columbine. Let’s not forget or ignore threats around such as racism, climate change, and police brutality at the hands of the Officer Chauvins of the world. Our Troubadour Dave Gunders gifts us with his wonderful song, Way of Forgetting. Let it be a healing song for those grieving in Boulder.


Peter Schaffer is a famous sports agent and attorney whose clients include Jerome Bettis, Barry Sanders, and Joe Thomas. Peter dominates Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge discussing the NFL draft, pro sports’ future, race relations, LeBron James, the Broncos, and the Chauvin trial and verdicts. Listen to the medical battles the Schaffer family is fighting and how to help.


Rundown -

Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal - 00:02:05

Dave Gunders - 00:54:38

Peter Schaffer - 01:09:54


Episode 40 - Legal Judgments

Legal Judgments. Attorney Penfield Tate III and host discuss cause and solutions to the recent spate of mass shootings. Should the Supreme Court expand? Should Senate end filibuster?  Deadly police interactions with George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Tamir Rice, Elijah McClain, and Adam Toledo deaths are analyzed. So are Nuggets and Rockies.


Our show’s Troubadour Dave Gunders calms things down with his sweet and sad country blues song titled Sugar Don’t Call. Learn the story behind this harmonica and guitar classic. The pandemic is winding down but not our political divisions. What happens when the breach becomes irreparable?


Newly private (again) lawyer Bruce Brown has great perspectives on life and is dedicated to discussing and finding new societal solutions and achieving justice. This veteran prosecutor explains why he thinks the Minnesota policewoman may be overcharged. Having just completed his second term as 5th JD DA, Bruce has a whole lot to say in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge.


Rundown -

Penfield Tate III in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge - 00:01:14

Dave Gunders - 00:56:26

Bruce Brown in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge 01:07:31


Episode 39 - Media Reflections

Media Reflections. Raj Chohan, of Channel Four fame, used to pepper panelists with questions as he hosted Colorado Inside Out on Channel 12. Now, the table is turned, and this award-winning journalist turned attorney gets to answer many queries as he visits Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge.


Our Troubadour Dave Gunders gives us his profound song named Every Little Problem which tells the story of an elephant invasion of one’s house. Could it be he was talking about Republicans? Or Erectile Disfunction? Listen for yourself to this fun song with a serious message.


Then we welcome John Temple of Rocky Mountain News fame. This famed journalist talks about modern media and our current cultural and political divides. Still haunted by the Columbine murders, this former Washington Post editor reacts to the massacre of the Boulder Ten at the King Soopers. 


MLB’s All-Star Game moving from Atlanta to Denver is terrific and justified by the Georgia legislation born of Trump’s Big Lie. We discuss the move with three bright provocative guests who love Colorado. The Craig Silverman Show – every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time.



Raj Chohan in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge - 00:01:48

Dave Gunders - 00:41:19

John Temple - 00:51:10


Episode 38 - Happy Passover

Happy Passover. The plague of Covid may be over. The seasons are changing. Vaccines are abundant and better days are ahead unless we chew ourselves up as a country in the interim. For now, let’s celebrate the last couple of days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.


Mike Littwin has made lots of bread and newsprint during his storied career as an American journalist. Covering sports and hard news, Mike starts this show by describing his maternal grandfather’s Passover table. Mike tells us his epic ride as an ace newsman in Virginia, LA, Baltimore, and then Denver. 


Dan Recht has been a top Colorado lawyer for many years and is now bowing out on top. Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge is the fun setting for Dan’s stories about Kiki Vandeweghe, Carmelo Anthony, and many others. This giant of the law reflects on his own Passovers and life as a successful Denver attorney. 


Troubadour Dave Gunders adds his own Passover stories including one that involves the host of the show. It is a time for reflection and new beginnings perfectly illustrated by Dave Gunders’ song titled “The Rebound.” Give it all a listen. The Craig Silverman Show. Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. Colorado time.



Mike Littwin - 00:02:07

Dave Gunders - 01:05:19

Dan Recht in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge - 01:17:29


Episode 37 - Boulder Ten

Boulder Ten. Our show Troubadour Dave Gunders has a blues song named Revelation Town capturing the mood of Boulder Colorado stricken with brutal gun violence. The King Soopers murder of ten innocent people hits close to home. We grieve. And then what? 


We keep living. And trying to make positive changes. We interview political leaders like Colorado State Rep. Steven Woodrow, who has outstanding points to make in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge about gun control, voting rights, the Big Lie, and the Trump Insurrection. Plus some Passover talk.


Ken Toltz is a longtime Dem operative and gun control advocate who lived years in South Boulder. This native Denverite tells the history of Dependable Cleaners and King Soopers. Ken recently moved to Israel and tells us about that country’s election, gun laws, and Covid response.

In times of tragedy, community is vital. Please support Boulder’s rebound with your thoughts, prayers, contributions, visits, and retail and restaurant purchases. Lord grant love and peace to the family and friends of the Boulder Ten. May their memories be a blessing.



Dave Gunders - 00:02:21

Steven Woodrow in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge - 00:20:40

Ken Toltz - 01:12:45


Episode 36 - March Moisture

Note- The previous version of Episode 36 - March Moisture, had glitches in the audio that have been cleaned for this rerelease.  Thank you all for your patience and for listening! Enjoy!


March moisture. We’ve survived Denver’s 4th worst blizzard. We’re grateful for the moisture. Water scarcity issues predominate in Colorado. George Washington Patriots dominate in Colorado high school hoops and have another shot at a state championship after great victories over Regis and Rangeview.


Show host, GW (1974), welcomes Mark Randall, Cherry Creek (1986). Mark had a long NBA career and a big new job as head of Denver high school sports. Randall is a renaissance man with strong opinions about hoop then and now. Growing up in the south metro area, find out Mark’s goals, including his ideal height.


Alan Hill played basketball at Fairview and then Ft. Lewis College. Alan went to CU Law and then became a terrific water law attorney. This session of Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge flows like mountain spring water from Colorado’s Continental Divide. Alan shares stories of Boulder, Durango, CU Law, and some crazy hoops and blizzards.


Show Troubadour Dave Gunders had his life touched by the big Boulder flood of September 2013. In its wake, he wrote his classic song of tragedy, survival, and rejuvenation, All that Water. Enjoy.


Rundown -

Mark Randall - 00:02:02

Alan Hill in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge - 00:51:24

Dave Gunders - 01:49:02


Episode 35 - Riot Conditions

Riot conditions. Riot of Moderna vaccine now coursing through podcast host’s body after his dose number two on the one-year anniversary of the pandemic. Soon, most of us will be vaccinated. Happy days may be here soon.


But not soon enough for the pent-up, liquored-up, rioters on the Hill in Boulder last Saturday.  In the middle of the mayhem was Boulder Daily Camera reporter Mitchell Byars. We get the full report from this bright native Hawaiian who likes covering a community like Boulder. But Mitch Byars does not like snow.


Our Troubadour Dave Gunders likes snow and he’s been throwing down some cold heartbreak songs lately, including his classic Tear Up Time. How apropos for a show about riots in Boulder including the one that Dave Gunders witnessed in 1971. That riot was a righteous protest or so we get told. 


Adrienne Benavidez is CU alum including from its fine law school. Now, she’s a prominent Colorado State Representative representing Adams County with a great visit to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge.  Colorado is somehow swimming with money during the pandemic and Rep. Benavidez tells us why and how. She also advocates for the end of Indian nicknames at Colorado schools.


We all weigh in with our snow predictions. Blizzard conditions? Or is it overhyped? This show tackles so many great issues of the day. The Craig Silverman Show. Saturday mornings 9 – noon Colorado time.



Mitchell Byars - 00:02:53

Dave Gunders - 00:37:59

Adrienne Benavidez in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge - 00:54:43


Episode 34 - Collector Items

Collector items. No one is a better sports memorabilia collector than Denver, Colorado’s own Marshall Fogel.  The world of collectibles has been booming during the pandemic. Marshall returns to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to explain how he first got involved in 1989 in Chicago.


There’s much more to Marshall Fogel than baseball cards. Listen to this legendary lawyer describe his youth in Denver, his sensational years as a prosecutor under Denver DA Bert Keating, and the 23,000 clients he has worked for in private practice.


Marshall Fogel is a historian at heart. He also likes presenting a good show. Listen to great stories about Judges O. Otto Moore, Orrelle Weeks, and Gary Jackson. Learn how Marshall desegregated the Denver Athletic Club. Find out the true Jewish histories of Maurice Rose and Elvis Presley.


From generation to generation. Marshall knows the analog world of collectibles. My next guest, Smarter than Average Joe, knows digital and a new investment opportunity called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). One superhot sports-related site is NBA Top Shots. Find out why. And then learn about digital art. And bitcoin.


Collectible investing involves any product you can buy, own, and sell. Dave Gunders is our Troubadour, and his music is available digitally via my show and Soundcloud. This week, Dave delights us with Only a Rock in the Road. That is a great outlook and song for any investor.


You’d be wise and happy to invest some time in this one-of-a-kind podcast. Download it. Save it. You never know what it might be worth someday. The Craig Silverman Show, Saturday mornings 9 – noon, Colorado time.


Rundown -

Marshall Fogel in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge - 00:02:23

Smarter than Average Joe - 01:12:55

Dave Gunders - 02:01:49 

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