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Episode 59 - Barry Morphew

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Carole McKinley - 06:02


Scott Reisch - 01:11:08


Dave Gunders - 01:48:06


Did he kill his wife? And was it after deliberation? Suzanne Morphew disappeared from her Chafee County, Colorado, home on Mothers’ Day 2020. Had Suzanne’s spouse discovered her affair with the Morphews’ former high school classmate? Barry Morphew is charged with first-degree murder even though Suzanne’s body has never been found.


Veteran journalist Carol McKinley has been in the Salida courtroom for ABC and its hit show 20/20 covering the action during Barry Morphew’s lengthy preliminary hearing in front of Colorado Judge Patrick Murphy. Listen to a riveting description of the attorneys involved, the witnesses, the family members in the gallery, and Barry Morphew himself.


Might the Morphew daughters’ decisions on guilt or innocence dictate the result? Judge Murphy is waiting till September 17, 2021 to rule on probable cause which is an extraordinary delay in a Colorado preliminary hearing. But this is not a normal case. The stakes are high. The evidence is circumstantial. A man’s freedom is at stake.


R. Scott Reisch is an accomplished veteran Colorado defense attorney and host of the hit YouTube show, Crime Talk. Listen to two criminal courtroom lawyers have a lively conversation in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge about the Morphew case and America’s fascination with big trials. What is the proper punishment for murder?


Scott Reisch is also a Marine and talks about Afghanistan and the violent demise this week of his fellow Marines and scores of others. Who bears responsibility?  Violence born of hatred can ruin societies and these concepts are wonderfully encapsulated in our Troubadour Dave Gunders’ magnificent song titled, A Sun Still Shining. 


Episode 58 - Afghan Regrets

America has many Afghan regrets. What now for Afghanis?  Who bears responsibility for America’s awful exit and evacuation?  Trump? Biden? Obama? Bush? Guests this week weigh in beginning with US Marine, R. Scott Reisch, host of Crime Talk, in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge.


Troubadour Dave Gunders introduces his amazing new song named “Regrets.” This haunting reggae-soul song speaks about getting stuck in the same sad situation, like Afghanistan. America betrayed a lot of its allies and lost a war to the Taliban.


Our show welcomes two Coloradans born in Kabul, Afghanistan. Both took the stage at the pro-Afghan rally on Thursday night at the Colorado Capitol. Hear first from former Afghan diplomat Farid Amin and next, from Aurangzaib Sharifi.


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R. Scott Reisch in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 03:00


Dave Gunders - 20:29


Farid Amin - 43:47


Aurangzaib Sharifi - 01:37:35



Episode 57 - Dan Grossman

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Dan Grossman in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 02:20


Karla Carrillo - 01:14:12


Torie Smith - 01:24:03


Dave Gunders - 01:41:46


Former Colorado State Senator Dan Grossman was Colorado’s youngest ever minority leader. Dan has since served a decade as Rocky Mountain Regional Director for Environmental Defense Fund.  Now, Dan’s a great guest in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge holding forth on climate change, guns, crime, the GOP, Trump, January 6, and homelessness.


Homelessness is rising, many congregated around Broadway as it dissects Denver. On the southeast corner of Ellsworth and Broadway, there’s a fascinating 32-year-old homeless woman named Victoria Smith who has set up her home. Torie’s story and way she tells it is captivating.


The video of Torie’s interview is on You Tube. So is story of Karla Carrillo, another Denverite managing Colorado’s wildest McDonalds located near 16th and Broadway. This show comes from the heart of Denver with several compelling characters.


Troubadour Dave Gunders makes his usual solid contribution with his song titled Don’t Think About It Much, so apropos for these times when problems ignored are closing in.  We need to pay attention to climate change as evidenced by Colorado’s smoky skies.  Homelessness too.


Episode 56 - Elie Honig!

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Elie Honig in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 02:23


Dave Gunders - 53:15


Episode features CNN’s handsome ascendant legal analyst, Elie Honig. Fireworks happen when two opinionated former prosecutors get together. Honig’s book about former AG Bill Barr is titled Hatchet Man and Elie gives the audience his bill of particulars against Barr, and Trump.


Troubadour Dave Gunders discusses host’s trip to Austin Texas and column generated. Homelessness rampant in Denver, Austin, and America. Dave Gunders begins our exploration of tough subjects in his song, These Hard Times.


Episode 55 - Craig Texas!

Rundown -


Dave Gunders - 01:28


Chip Evans in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 26:54


Craig's fast-paced take on Austin, Texas - 01:18:53


The show goes on the road. Texas House Dems fled Austin over voting rights. Show host replaced them in Austin at their Capitol. Big voting rights rally with Beto O’Rourke on Sat, July 31. Voting rights are civil rights and host makes case as he wanders Austin.


Impossible Happiness is the latest magnificent song by our Troubadour Dave Gunders which perfectly expresses the angst of this climate change and pandemic fraught era. Dave grew up in Texas and provides his memories while host shares what he’s learned about true Texas history.


Chip Evans is a fifth generation Texan who practices law in Austin. In Craig's Lawyers' Lounge, two savvy lawyers discuss great issues of the day including voting rights in Texas. Texas politicians are a special breed and Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, and George P. Bush get thoroughly discussed.

Via B-cycle and shared scooters, host takes listeners and viewers on You Tube on a tour of Austin including several Capital Square monuments to the Confederate States of America and the many Texans who died in the Civil War. Wow, how long will those monuments stay upright? And these southern fighters for slavery venerated?


Episode 54 - Color TV



Representative Dylan Roberts in Craig's Lawyer's Lounge - 02:37


Carole Malezija - 27:42


T-Five Valladares and Dave Gunders - 1:20:36


This wonderful technological breakthrough six decades ago is commemorated in the song Color TV by The Skatterbrains. It sounds silly as Ska songs often do but learn from the Ska brother songwriters the serious story and message behind the words.


Our headline musical act at the end of Episode 54 features the magnificent musings and music of Troubadour Dave Gunders and his longest running bandmate, T-Five Valladares. These boys had adventures galore around Boulder County and some memorable times in Boston area.


Listen to Dave and T’s songs titled Isolation and their rediscovered hit, Color TV.  Listener warning, the music may get stuck in your head. And you may start dancing. Get ready to see The Mighty Twisters featuring Dave and T-Five at the Boulderado Hotel this July 31.


Colo. State Rep. Dylan Roberts returns to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to announce run for State Senate seat being vacated by Sen Kerry Donovan who is intent on replacing Lauren Boebert in Congress. As usual, Dylan delivers on dissecting Colorado politics and current events.


Carole Malezija delivered exceptional service for 25 years as Victim-Advocate for Colorado law enforcement agencies including the Denver DA’s Office and Castle Rock PD. She helps humans through dire circumstances. Hear Carole talk and understand why she was so wonderful and effective responding to tragedies. Carole’s lived American and Colorado history.


Episode 54 has something for everybody. The Craig Silverman Show is a variety show that seeks to entertain and educate. We do definitive interviews with fascinating guests. Listen to them all or skip around to the sound for you. It’s delivered every Saturday morning 9 a.m. Colorado time.


Episode 53 - Peter Groff

Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge welcomes political royalty. Peter Groff has accomplished amazing things in his life. Peter’s an adept lawyer and legislator and the first African American president of the Colorado state Senate. Peter also served in Obama administration.


Peter grew up in Denver and reminisces about his father, legendary Colorado state Senator Regis Groff who loved East HS, Denver, Coors Field, and baseball. Peter Groff was at Denver’s 2021 MLB All-Star Game & Home Run Derby and tells us why he still loves Nolan Arenado.


Civil rights are voting rights, and there is great discussion of critical race theory, black/Jewish relations, MLK, General Mark Milley’s revelations, and Trump connections to Nazis and Hitler.  There’s discussion of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Lauren Boebert.


Peter Groff talks about redistricting and whether Dems gave away the farm. Zaila Avante-garde and Amanda Gorman get rave reviews. Education and opportunity go a long way. Senator Groff reacts to January 6, and Trump’s Big Lie. Peter argues for ending filibuster but opposes packing Supreme Court.


These two lawyers give out three great book tips. Groff recommends Kill Switch, Robert E. Lee and Me, and Four Threats. Host touts The Holly, Grant, and Forget the Alamo. Listen to the reasons why.


Dr. Vivek Murthy, United States Surgeon General, wants us to confront misinformation about Covid. Show does this, taking to task the messages of medical misinformation provided by hosts on Denver Trump radio, who are also GOP officials in Colorado.  Find out why pandemic continues.


Troubadour Dave Gunders leads host into duet of Brother John /Iko Iko. This is unforgettable singing by the two good friends, one a professional musician and the other, and enthusiastic off-key lawyer with a distinctive voice. The Craig Silverman Show, Sat morns, 9 a.m. Colorado time.


Rundown - 


Peter Groff in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 06:46


Craig's Monologue - 01:25:02


Dave Gunders - 01:50:54


Episode 52 - Heidi Thomas

Abhor any fool who would rape Heidi Thomas. Bill Cosby is such a fool. When Heidi was in her 20’s, working atJF Images in Denver, Jo Farrell put her in touch with show business legend Bill Cosby to mentor Heidi’s acting ambitions. Instead, Cosby drugged and raped Heidi. Heidi Thomas testified against the disgraced comedian at his 2018 trial.



Last week, Cosby’s 2018 criminal conviction was reversed and dismissed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Listen to Heidi Thomas’ reaction and great legal questions she poses. Hear the good answers provided as this star witness picks the brain of a former sex-crimes prosecutor. The interview is wide ranging amongst these Colorado natives.



Heidi and host discuss performance of DA Kevin Steele and his predecessor, Bruce Castor Jr. This current Colorado Sun Craig Silverman column gets discussed. Consider also Silverman's Cosby column back in 2014.



What was Jo Farrell’s role? What should we think of Andrea Constand, the one Cosby accuser who got big money and a criminal verdict in her favor? How was it determined that only five other victims could testify as to Cosby's modus operandi and how were they selected? What about Cosby’s wife Camille and TV wife Phylicia Rashad? Who else were the Cosby enablers?



Also answering these questions is key member of the Cosby prosecution team, M. Stewart Ryan, who guests in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. Stew Ryan reminisces about grilling former DA Bruce Castor Jr. during cross examination at a critical pre-trial hearing. The trial judge ruled in Ryan’s favor but last week, there was that shocking appellate reversal freeing the serial rapist.



Our Troubadour Dave Gunders gifts us with his song of perspective and hope for better days. Some Days is a musical masterpiece explaining the human condition and the ups and downs which are inevitable. Heidi Thomas shares her music too, as she knows well life is a rollercoaster and music helps.


Rundown - 


Heidi Thomas - 04:12


Stewart Ryan in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 01:37:02


Dave Gunders - 02:29:19


Episode 51 - Tone Setting

This 1st episode of year 2 is a doozy.  In 3rd episode of Netflix documentary, Filthy Rich, late Jeff Epstein gets asked if he has an "egg-shaped" penis by an accuser's attorney, Spencer Kuvin. Epstein got up and left. Later, he wrote Kuvin’s client a big check. Talk about setting the tone.


Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge welcomes back Spencer Kuvin who also won civil justice for Bill Cosby victim, Chloe Goins alleged Bill Cosby assaulted her at L.A. Playboy Mansion in 2008. Kuvin’s client got nice settlement. Hear Kuvin’s reaction to Cosby criminal case reversal.


Abe Wagner is world renowned communicator and author who has made a career teaching top executives how to say it straight. Wagner shows off his motivational abilities that has delighted and educated audiences in 35 countries. If you like communication skills, you’ll benefit from this interview.


Troubadour Dave Gunders shows off his mad musical skills with his song titled Set the Tone. We also re-visit his holiday classic, Fourth of July. And we talk about the independence and love we have for the podcast we’re doing together for a second year.


John McGuire is a top Denver tax lawyer who comes into Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to explain his journey to Colorado from Columbus, Ohio. Lively discussion ensues about tax morality and what these tax charges against Trump Organization and Allen Weisselberg mean in the real world.


Rundown - 


Spencer Kuvin in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 06:08


Abe Wagner - 24:08


Dave Gunders - 01:21:57


John McGuire in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 01:36:34



Episode 50 - Morgan Carroll!

Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge graced by wisdom of attorney and former state senator Morgan Lenore Carroll, daughter of legendary Colorado lawyers John Carroll and Rebecca Bradley. Find out what motivates this charismatic Chairwoman of the Colorado Democratic Party.


Episode 50 will help you understand how and why Dems keep winning in Colorado -- Morgan Carroll. She has bright strategies for everything including making Lauren Boebert a one-term only Colorado embarrassment. Listen to this historic champion for America and Colorado.


Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers for 50th straight time. His song, Tarred and Feathered, contemplates proper sanctions for misbehavior. It’s a perfect song in age of Trump, Chauvin, and big lies.  Discussion extends to spicy chicken sandwiches and Charles Grodin in Midnight Run.


Rundown -


Morgan Carroll in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 05:10


Dave Gunders - 01:16:27

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