The Craig Silverman Show


Episode 57 - Dan Grossman

August 14, 2021

Rundown - 


Dan Grossman in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 02:20


Karla Carrillo - 01:14:12


Torie Smith - 01:24:03


Dave Gunders - 01:41:46


Former Colorado State Senator Dan Grossman was Colorado’s youngest ever minority leader. Dan has since served a decade as Rocky Mountain Regional Director for Environmental Defense Fund.  Now, Dan’s a great guest in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge holding forth on climate change, guns, crime, the GOP, Trump, January 6, and homelessness.


Homelessness is rising, many congregated around Broadway as it dissects Denver. On the southeast corner of Ellsworth and Broadway, there’s a fascinating 32-year-old homeless woman named Victoria Smith who has set up her home. Torie’s story and way she tells it is captivating.


The video of Torie’s interview is on You Tube. So is story of Karla Carrillo, another Denverite managing Colorado’s wildest McDonalds located near 16th and Broadway. This show comes from the heart of Denver with several compelling characters.


Troubadour Dave Gunders makes his usual solid contribution with his song titled Don’t Think About It Much, so apropos for these times when problems ignored are closing in.  We need to pay attention to climate change as evidenced by Colorado’s smoky skies.  Homelessness too.

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