The Craig Silverman Show


Episode 58 - Afghan Regrets

August 21, 2021

America has many Afghan regrets. What now for Afghanis?  Who bears responsibility for America’s awful exit and evacuation?  Trump? Biden? Obama? Bush? Guests this week weigh in beginning with US Marine, R. Scott Reisch, host of Crime Talk, in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge.


Troubadour Dave Gunders introduces his amazing new song named “Regrets.” This haunting reggae-soul song speaks about getting stuck in the same sad situation, like Afghanistan. America betrayed a lot of its allies and lost a war to the Taliban.


Our show welcomes two Coloradans born in Kabul, Afghanistan. Both took the stage at the pro-Afghan rally on Thursday night at the Colorado Capitol. Hear first from former Afghan diplomat Farid Amin and next, from Aurangzaib Sharifi.


Rundown - 


R. Scott Reisch in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 03:00


Dave Gunders - 20:29


Farid Amin - 43:47


Aurangzaib Sharifi - 01:37:35


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