The Craig Silverman Show


Episode 62 - Morphew Rulings!

September 18, 2021

Rundown -


Carol McKinley - 04:23 


Mario Nicolais in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 28:41


Dave Gunders - 01:39:47


Ace reporter Carol McKinley gives us great information from Salida where she witnessed rulings in Colorado v Barry Morphew. Superb analysis follows on this fascinating Colorado murder case. Craig correctly anticipated Judge Murphy’s rulings.


More Barry Morphew conversation in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge with attorney and Colorado Sun columnist Mario Nicolais. It is a wide-ranging exciting conversation about Heidi Ganahl, George Brauchler, Donald Trump, and the “traditional Jewish marriage” of Governor Jared Polis and Marlon Reis. Imminent death of democracy is number one topic.


Show ends with beautiful song from our Troubadour Dave Gunders titled “I Give Thanks.” But who is the “You” being thanked? As in Morphew, different conclusions are possible. It’s for you to determine. Boys reminisce about High Holidays and Days of Awe culminating in Yom Kippur; and try to figure out Morphew and current events.

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